Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Holiday Package to the Sierra Madre Natural Park in Philippines to Encounter the Endangered! By Rajdeep Gujral

"Let us wait for the right time to do it", said no one ever, who was born in the 21st century. This generation is a much polished one. We are quick, confident, risk-takers, yet within our own control. Actually, there is nothing like the 'right time' for doing something that excites us or we wish to do. On similar lines, most of the travel junkies, especially the ones high on adrenaline would already have a bucket list made. This might include the weirdest and best holiday destinations in the world that they want to explore sooner or later. Working on a holiday plan is much different from waiting for the right time to do something. So, if you are one of those adventure lovers, who would not mind taking a risk and traveling to the most unusual places worldwide, then here is the perfect holiday spot for you and people of your kinds.

More time you will take to plan a trip to the Sierra Madre Natural Park in Philippines; more are the chances for the endangered to get extinct. Therefore, plan it fast and book for yourself a holiday package to the Sierra Madre Natural Park in Philippines to encounter the endangered. Philippines is a sovereign island country located in South East Asia to the west of the Pacific Ocean. Situated in this country is the Sierra Madre Mountain Range, which is the longest range of mountains. Placed exactly in the middle of this mountain range is the Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park (NSMNP), which is covered with rich flora and fauna. Extremely different from the rest of the Philippines, this area is well known for its beautiful surroundings and 240 species of birds. Amongst them, 78 bird species are not found anywhere across the globe.

On a trail through the same park, you can be the lucky one to come across the two meters long tree crawler, which has a double penis. Bizarre as well as endangered, this mammoth monitor lizard is a major tourist attraction at the Sierra Madre Natural Park in Philippines. Also called as the Varanus Bitatawa, it is an herbivorous species of the Komodo dragon, which is being hunted and consumed since a long time by tribes residing near the forest. Almost similar to a dinosaur, bitatawa's scaly blue black colored body with pale yellow green spots is the reason to attract. You can find one during your family vacations to Philippines, if you wander through the hazy Sierra Madre mountain range. This secretly existing lizard comes down on the ground every day for about 20 minutes and survives by eating fruits of the Pandanus tree. Thus, looking for them near the Pandanus tree makes more sense. A guided hike up to the Sierra Madre Natural Park might help you spot the endangered bitatawa.

Staying at a safari resort in Philippines near the Sierra Madre Mountain Range might serve as the best way out for making your holiday tour to the country comfortable and unique!
The author of this article likes to write about adventurous holiday destinations in the world and also visit them to for the best experiences. He suggests you to take a holiday package to the Sierra Madre Natural Park in Philippines to encounter the endangered! For more information Please visit our website Magic Holidays.
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