Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Summer in Bacolod: Splash Away in These Cool Resorts! By Jose Martin Benares

Want to beat the summer heat through some cool swimming and R&R in nice resorts? If yes, here's a list of summer destinations in Bacolod, including the most popular resorts such as the Mambukal Mountain Resort, the Caribbean Waterpark and Resotel, and the Palmas del Mar Bacolod. Choose one for your next escapade, or plan to visit them all for several days each throughout the summer months to maximize your summer fun and enjoyment. Whether you're a local of the city, a visitor from neighboring Philippine provinces, or a vacationing tourist from another country, you'll surely enjoy the amenities, fun activities, and accommodations that these popular summer destinations have to offer.

• Mambukal Mountain Resort
For the ultimate nature getaway, choose the Mambukal Mountain resort. Nestled some 1,200 feet above sea level, it serves as the gateway to the famous Mt. Kanlaon and features swimming pools supplied by water descending from a series of seven waterfalls. First developed in 1927, it was initially designed by a Japanese architect to be a bathhouse and picnic garden, providing a cool haven for the locals and any visiting guests. Today it stands as a premier resort offering numerous amenities and activities, including boating, wall climbing, therapeutic warm dipping in hot springs, bat watching, canopy walks, and the challenging "Slide for Life."

While trekking Mambukal's famous seven waterfalls or just lounging in the resort, you can immerse yourself with the beauty of Mother Nature, as Mambukal is home to a wide variety of butterfly species, ferns, pines, orchids, tropical trees, and over 4,000 fruit bats in the area. With its exceptionally bountiful and blessed natural features, Mambukal is truly a summer destination where you can not only enjoy swimming, but also bask in nature's beauty.

• Caribbean Waterpark and Resotel
Are you up for a themed waterpark summer adventure? If so, the Caribbean Waterpark and Resotel is the place for you. It is a pirate-themed waterpark that features pirate ships wrecked in the middle of shallow pools, water slides, treasure chests, mushroom showers, pirate-themed restaurants, picnic areas, and spacious function areas. Located at the Goldenfield Commercial Complex, it is the perfect place for children, families and large groups alike to get some summer fun right at the heart of the city.

• Palmas del Mar Bacolod
Palmas del Mar is a five-acre seaside resort featuring a variety of swimming amenities for you, including a five-lane lapping pool, a Mediterranean-inspired pool, freeform island swimming, and two kids' pools. Aside from getting your fill of summer swimming, you can also enjoy other pleasurable activities offered by this resort, including boating, fishing, Jacuzzi bathing, desk football, billiards, and table tennis.

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