Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Of History and Art: 3 Major Museums to Visit in Bacolod By Jose Martin Benares

Cultural artifacts, historical artworks, photographs, vital documents and impressive personal collections-all these and more you will discover by visiting the major museums, exhibits and galleries in Bacolod City. If you're an art and history buff, you'll definitely find going to these destinations something to look forward to. And even when you're just a tourist looking for some places to fill your itinerary, you'll surely want to include these spots in your schedule to give you a well-rounded experience not only of what Bacolod is, but what it was in times past.

• Negros Museum
Featuring premier historical and humanities exhibits and galleries, the Negros Museum is a top destination for locals and tourists alike. Visiting it will take you to a tour of Negros Occidental's history, and you will get to see how the province of Negros progressed from its humble beginnings and history of colonial oppression to rising as the pioneer in the sugar industry and becoming the famed "Sugarbowl of the Philippines." This is why the Negros Museum is also known as "The Sugar Museum."
Aside from showcasing historical events related to Negros' rise in the sugar industry, the museum also houses murals done by local artists, and exhibits of the Negrense artists' works are held in the museum's café as well. It is also home to a vast collection of dolls and toys from all over the world, donated by a woman who had collected them in her lifetime. The Negros Museum is located at Gatuslao St., where the old Provincial Government was located.

• Dizon-Ramos Museum
This museum stands as a legacy of the Dizon-Ramos clan, an upper class family that lived in Bacolod in the late 1950s. It used to be the ancestral home of the family of Raymundo L. Dizon and Hermelinda V. Ramos, and the structure was converted into a museum in 2007. Today it houses the personal collections of the clan's children, artworks by significant artists, the Alunan-Puentebella Dolls Collection, the Holy Land Collection, and pictorial reproductions showcasing the lifestyle of Negrenses in the peak of the home's use.

• Museum Negrense de la Salle
This unique attraction is the only school-based museum in the entire Western Visayas region. Located at the campus grounds of the University of St. La Salle-Bacolod, it aims to foster a better understanding of the Filipino people's past and religious practices through a multimedia presentation of artifacts and symbols of the Christian faith. From time to time it also features special exhibits that broaden the Negrense community's and the visiting tourists' appreciation of Filipino culture, art, and history.

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