Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Facts About Boracay Philippines By Kizzy Yuzon Bohol

Boracay has become one of the best travel destinations in Philippines today. It is always full of holidaymakers throughout the year. There are many reasons why vacationers from different parts of the world choose Boracay, Philippines as their holiday destination. Firstly, the region is situated on an island and therefore it offers tourists an opportunity to catch some of the most interesting sights. It is also surrounded by wonderful beaches where holidaymakers can spend their vacation. If you love beach vacations, then Boracay, Philippines is the best place to go. The region is known to offer the best beach weather. What is more, this kind of weather is available for the better part of the year.

If you are planning to visit Boracay, Philippines, you should arrange your trip in the period between December and May. This time the weather is ideal for beach parties and other entertaining beach activities. That is why you will find most beaches in Boracay full of tourists during this period. Between June and November the weather in the region is a bit damp. The good thing about weather in Boracay is that it is quite predictable. This helps you to determine the right time to visit the beach. It is also important to learn a few historical aspects of this region. That is the only way you will be able to appreciate what the island is to date.

For starters, Boracay, Philippines was originally occupied by a community known as Ati. In fact, its current name is derived from a local word known as Borac, which means pure cotton. This represented the white sand found on the island. It is also interesting to note that the Ati still live in this region. However, they now occupy a small, quiet place that has been separated from the much developed part of the island. Politically, this island belongs to the Malay, Aklan province. It is also important to note that this island comprises of three major communities: Yapack, Manoc-Manco, as well as Balabag.

Even though Boracay is known for its wonderful beaches, the region also has various hilly regions and lush forests. It is a wonderful place for adventure tours and beach vacations. There are several reliable means of transport in Boracay. You can use the small planes that fly in the area or use the Caticlan port. There are numerous Bancas that cross frequently during the day. You can also access the area using slow boats.

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