Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Boracay Island: From the Eye of a First Timer By Kit Cruz

As a traveler, I have always followed my wanderlust-that insatiable feeling of being in a different place from time to time. But I am the type who gets goosebumps more with the prospect of going to mountains and forests than to beaches and parks. But having been to many places all over the world, I have recently got this feeling of looking for a new experience. I cannot quite figure out what it is about beaches and open spaces that distance me from visiting them, but just for the sake of sheer adventure, I have decided to take my chattels down to a much talked about beach in the Philippines, Boracay Island. Boracay beach, if you are unfamiliar with the name as I was, is a little island in the archipelago of the Philippines; the beach is situated remotely off Panay.

From the plane, I was fascinated to see a wide stretch of white sand. I wondered how such fine sand would feel on my bare feet. The thought excited me, actually giving me bouts of tingling feeling in different places. Then I said to myself, "This is why it is the top beach destination in world." By then, I just knew that I was about to see so much more from the little island that has captivated the world.

I intended this to be a guide as well for my readers. So, I am writing here some interesting things that I found out during my stay in Boracay beach.
When I got to my Boracay beach hotel, which I had easily booked prior to my arrival, I was amazed with the hominess of the place. I only got the standard accommodation that my tight budget afforded, but I was far from downcast-the room was actually homey, equipped, and quite luxurious enough for its price.

I deposited my luggage in my room and unpacked; oh, I could not get the image of turquoise blue waters out of my head. I headed to the beach after unpacking my swimwear to have a dip. The water was soothingly warm, and I could even see through to the bottom. I thought I would try snorkeling later on, which I did and enjoyed so much.

Out of the water, I strolled around the island. The place was commercialized; shops and restaurants abound, but it was this coming and going of people that added vibe to the place. I sat at a table inside one of the restaurants, ordered seafood and iced tea, paid for everything after minutes. The meal was good, not that expensive.

Then, I asked around to get an idea of how much foods cost. For a buffet, 250 pesos seemed all right. You would surely enjoy the variety of cuisines available in the long line of restaurants at one side of the island. But if you are looking for high-end, prepare a thousand pesos. Well, good food is never an issue in Boracay, for wherever you look, you would certainly be able to satisfy your cravings.

In front of the different beach resorts in Boracay, trinket vendors took their places where buyers would see them. They had native baskets filled with different items made of shells, wood, bamboo, and other native materials. I shrugged off the price, considering that it was my first time and would love some Boracay beach mementos to bring with me back home and souvenirs for friends.

With the souvenirs safe inside my bag, I noticed a stream of tourists heading somewhere-I found out it was D'Mall. I entered and saw it was filled even more restaurants and shopping. I realized, it was surely a go-to place in Boracay.

The following morning, I prepared for a lot of kick-ass adventure. Though I am not a sporty type of person, I still tried out buggy car driving (P700) and parasailing (P1,500 for 15 minutes). Boy, it was a day full of bubbling fun.

The second day, I couldn't choose between the helmet driving (P350), banana boat (P200 per person for 15 minutes) or Flying Fish (P500 per person for 15 minutes), so I did them all!
By the third night, I missed home cooking so much. I should have chosen a hotel with cooking facilities, which should be a money-saver as well. I suggest that if you can cook, get an accommodation with a mini kitchen.

After my three days in Boracay Island, I could say that it was a one-of-a-kind experience. The beach was captivating, the place was bustling, and nightlife was vibrant. Though not the usual beach-goer, I would definitely go back.

I am Kit Cruz and I write articles about the paradise island in the Philippines named as Boracay, to educate people what this world-class beach can offer. Giving away valuable traveling tips, news, guides and reviews on different boracay hotel and resort for accommodations as well as the Boracay Real Estate for property investments.
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