Tuesday, March 1, 2016

It's More Fun in the Philippines Series (Cebu Is the Place to Be) By Lindsay Saludar

Rooted from the courageous ancestors of a great leader, Lapu-lapu to the pristine scenery and friendly people, Cebu earned its name as Queen City of the South. Ever since I was young, I was brought up with a humbling pride as a pure grown Cebuana and up to now, I still am.
If you happen to come by the Philippines, do not forget to go to Cebu and see for yourself especially during the first months of the year to experience its rich culture and heritage. Here are some of the tourists destinations must go.

1. If you want to travel back in time and see the cultural heritage of this island you need to visit:

a. Sto. NiƱo Basilaca that dates back during the Spanish Era.
b. Magellan's Cross (the original) planted by Magellan in 1521.
c. Taosit Temple is more than having a beautiful photo shoot but gives you a serene feeling while visiting the place.
d. Fort San Pedro that was built in 1700s for protection against Muslim raids during those time.
e. Colon street is the oldest street in the city and one of the busiest.

2. If you want more of an outdoor adventure, Cebu offers you:

a. Cebu botanical garden offers a green sanctuary.
b. Guadalupe cave is not only an outdoor attraction but a miraculous place with healing powers.
c. Tops gives you a nice breath taking city view.
d. Cebu Country Club is the first and oldest golf course in the Philippines but still in tough shape.
e. Cebu Zoo lets you interact with animals in a safe way of course.
f. Relaxing beach and resorts which are so many to mention and there are more developed in the city.

3. There are so many authentic restaurants, modern and historic malls, relaxing spas and amusement parks that you can dine, shop, relax and enjoy if you miss the city life.

Oh, so much more to share for Cebu, I believe. Before visiting my hometown, do some research because before you know it, there are other great tourist destinations being discovered and most of the beautiful places in Cebu are off the charts. These are non-commercialized hidden sanctuaries. But what I love about this place is that I was born here, near a beach with cool breeze, fresh food, and nice neighborhood with happy complete family. I wish to know your "must go" place in Cebu or anywhere in the world. I think each one of us have their own favorites at some point in time.

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