Monday, February 29, 2016

4 Things to Do In Boracay, Philippines By Leo Eigenberg

Boracay is a perfect island getaway located in the Philippines and about 192 miles from the capital city of Manila. It is well-known for its 4 kilometer beach with white powder-fine sand and blue waters, and is one of the most popular beach destinations to explore in the country. Unlike other islands in the Philippines, Boracay doesn't just provide a tourist attraction that is limited to a certain niche such as seeking wrecks, chasing sharks, or extreme sports. In Boracay, there is something for everyone with a variety of fun and exciting activities to pursue. Boracay registered nearly 1.5 million tourist arrivals in the last 12 months, and the wide-ranging attractions continue to bring in more visitors.

Here are some of the top activities to enjoy at this beautiful tourist destination:

Boat tour
Island hopping on board a boat is one of the most appealing activities when visiting this pristine island. A well-planned boat tour can let you explore several other beaches in the local area, including Tambisaan Beach, Crocodile Beach, and Puka Beach. Several factors can have an impact on the rates to hire a boat, such as the time of season, size of boat, services offered, etc. So it benefits to shop around to get the best deals.

Scuba diving
Boracay is rich in dive sites and has 15 dedicated areas for those curious enough to explore beneath the clear blue waters. Scuba diving trips include exploring underwater caves, tunnels, and numerous corals. A diving adventure is more cost-effective if you already hold a PADI Certification, but there is also the opportunity to go on a guided tour with an instructor.

ATV Ride
A really enjoyable time is experienced with an ATV ride across the island that can take you up to Ocean Tower Point View to get a complete panoramic view of the beautiful island. Prior to setting off on the ATV or buggy car a short workshop can be provided to explain how to safely drive the vehicle.

Mount Luho
Trekking up Mount Luho can give an unobstructed view of the entire island after arriving at the viewing deck and is rated as a moderate climb to get there. Alternatively, a buggy car, ATV, or a horse can be used to speed up the process of reaching the peak of Mount Luho. Plus, on the path that leads to the viewing point there is a park with a variety of attractions, including a wildlife reserve.

If you visit Boracay in the near future make sure you experience sailing at sunset. It is one of the most popular activities and for good reason. The sunsets are often spectacular. You can either hire a small sailing boat or choose a more professional operation such as Yachting Boracay, who have a wonder yacht and provide drinks and food.
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