Friday, February 26, 2016

SM Mall of Asia - A Tourist Destination Not to Be Overlooked By Pushpitha Wijesinghe

There is no one word that can describe the so called city of Manila. Because of its constant expansion and development it seems as if this city without a center is constantly changing face. But whatever the adjective used, be it earnest, casual, jovial or laid-back, it can be assured that the teeming and lively atmosphere of Manila transcends any pretense of being boring or conforming.

The SM Mall of Asia is one such feature that epitomizes the vibe of Manila. Touted as being more than just a mall, this gigantic structure combines four hectares of floor space with a length of just under one kilometer and a perimeter of two kilometers. Two of the four buildings that make up the mall are taken up by massive car parks, and the other two houses the Main Mall and Entertainment Mall respectively. It is the biggest mall that Philippines have to offer, while holding the title of being the third largest in the world. It has been described by many as a leisure, shopping and entertainment destination that should not be over looked.
There is no shortage of shops within this monstrous complex. With over 600 shops to choose from it will certainly not be a disappointing experience. Being a typical mall, the SM Mall has the usual department stores, appliance center, hypermarket, restaurants as well as a massive food court. With a range that spans from clothes, jewelers, toys, hardware to home appliances, this mall goes one step further with an inbuilt cinema complex as well as its very own Ice Skating rink. The capacity of the building ensures that even if shopping is not your thing, you will need at least two days to cover the entire mall.

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