Monday, February 29, 2016

Lapuz Lapuz Beach On Boracay Island - A Review By Mark West

Lapuz Lapuz beach is unique in Boracay in that unlike the more famous beaches in there, this one is a private beach belonging to the famous Fairways and Bluewater Golf Resort and Country Club. Nonetheless, for golf lovers out there this part of the island is truly a paradise. This is quite a long, white sandy beach through which you can travel both to the western as well as the eastern parts of the Boracay island. The Lapuz Lapuz beach is actually a combination of four private white sandy beaches. In this article I am going to tell you what else I liked about the Lapuz Lapuz beach.

A cool private beach: This is not a public beach of course, so not everyone is allowed an entry here. Only those who get their accommodation booked at the five star resort of Fairways and Bluewater can get a private place in here. Truly speaking, if you want total privacy, complete with natural scenic beauty, then there is hardly a beach which compares to the Lapuz Lapuz beach! There are beach beds you can recline on, or you can also lie down in the beach as the beautiful, white sand there is extremely soft!

Natural beauty: Do you want to watch the sunset without anyone peering at you? Well then the Lapuz Lapuz beach is one ideal place for you. Do you want to take pictures of early sunrise? Again, you won't find a better place compared to Lapuz Lapuz beach. If you want get married to your sweetheart at a place where both sunset and sunrises are marvelous to look, or if you want place for enjoying honeymoon with your sweetheart in the midst of natural beauty, then Lapuz Lapuz beach should be your destination!

Links to natural trails: If you want to visit the huge dense forest of the Boracay island, the good news is that you won't need a tour guide for the purpose. This is because this beach is filled with extensive trails which go as far as that dense jungle and all you have to do is to follow those trails; in the same fashion, you can also visit the famous bat cave of the island and explore it fully! Can things get better than this?

The bad: It is true that this beach is too private and if you are a solo traveler, you may feel lonely at times there. Needless to say, you won't find strangers to talk to here, except the other guests but due to it being an expensive resort it mostly remains empty. Secondly, it is far away from the famous D'mall which is more than an hour long journey from this beach, so in case you want to go there rather badly, you should get a tricycle ride or hire a private shuttle.

All in all, I have found it to be a nice, scenic white beach where you can have some 'private' moments full of fun. The lack of tourist crowds and aggressive vendors is a plus point, over and above the privacy and the natural beauty offered by the area. Don't forget about the expansive golf course available there. If that sounds like what you want, don't forget to drop by the Lapuz Lapuz beach!

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