Monday, February 29, 2016

Places to Visit in the Philippines - Part 1 By Karina Popa

Breathtaking Hills of Chocolate
Chocolate Hills, a favorite destination of both tourists and locals alike, is known for its perfect symmetrical shape. This National Geologic Monument consists of 1,268 hills that are about 30 meters high. These unique rock structures were formed and scattered following millions of years of development.
Chocolate hills are spread across the towns of Batuan, Carmen and Sagbayan. These hills were named this way since their grass turns into brown during the summer, allowing them to look like chocolate bonbons. Two of these hills were developed so they can accommodate tourists with their facilities, which include a youth hostel, a restaurant and an observation deck.
There are other hills that have a great view of the neighboring islands, such as Elly and Babat-I in Tagbilaran City (the capital), Himontagon in Loay, Ilihan in Jagna and Sampoangan in Calape.
Boracay - Barefoot Walking along the Beach

In Boracay, the dress code is strictly casual. Walking barefoot is a rule in Boracay, since it is perfect for the island's seemingly relaxed atmosphere. The feel of the white beach sand is just like walking on baby powder for a long distance. It does not come as a surprise the fact that disco dancing is held on the beach. It gives dance a fresh, new meaning.

Hang-ups are nowhere to be found in this island. During daytime, it is common to see tourists that get a relaxing massage beneath the shade provided by a coconut tree, close to the shoreline. From nighttime to the wee hours of the morning, Boracay transforms into a huge party place where everybody is invited to join. Before anything else, let us toast to the sunset cocktail.

In this tropical garden of Eden, there are certainly no problems when it comes to diversions. The calendar is filled with leisure activities all through the year, and with amenities provided by about 350 establishments meant for the tourists.

Cebu - The Fantasy Island of Your Dreams
There are several things about Cebu that make it a dream come true for tourists. These include its pristine beaches, the pleasant weather, its crystal clear waters plus its deluxe resorts with every frill of the modern-day living.

Metropolitan Cebu, which is the second largest metropolis of the country, is the center of the Visayas region in terms of economy, education and politics. It has casinos, entertainment halls, golf courses, hotels and shopping malls to satisfy every whim of tourists.
The other 166 islands of Cebu are also blessed with sandy beaches plus crystal-clear waters filled with marine life, which is great for those who dive.

Davao City - The Land of Abundance
The premier festival of Davao City is known as "Kadayawan sa Dabaw". It celebrates the city's rich culture and natural resources. This week-long feast, which is held in August, highlights the cultures of different tribes. These are conveyed through traditional dances, songs, crafts and games. A trade fair and a flower-and-fruit parade also take place during this occasion. The celebration ends with popular entertainment and street dancing.

Agriculture is a major industry of the Davao region, which is the chief exporter of tropical fruits, such as citrus, bananas and mangosteens. In addition to this, it is the largest producer of the country's cultured flowers. On the other hand, the surrounding waters are best for commercial fishing. Davao is the largest city in the world, with a total land area of 244,000.

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