Friday, February 26, 2016

Quezon National Park of Philippines By David Urmann

Quezon is the most populated city of Philippines situated on the island of Luzon. It is the major contributor for the formation of Metro Manila along with several cities and municipalities. This exciting city got this name after Manuel L. Quezon who served as the president of the Commonwealth of the Philippines. Quezon was developed in order to replace politically and historically significant city of Manila. It is home to some of the government offices such as the House of Representatives known as the Batasang Pambansa, the Philippines Congress etc.

The city of Quezon was established on October 12, 1939 under the influence of Commonwealth Act 502. President Quezon became the first mayor of the city and was replaced by the Tomas Morato.
The city of Quezon is widely and very often referred as the 'City of New Horizons' and it holds good for the facts that it offers some of the best and the most exciting lifestyle. It is also famous for some of the remarkable historical structures such as Quezon Memorial Circle or Shrine. It is about 66 meters high making it one of the highest structures of the city. It was constructed in honor of President Manual Luis Quezon. The structure acquires around the 27 hectares of rotunda parks, it also exhibits a museum which accommodates a range of invaluable items and artifacts. It also accommodates the remains of the former president.

The city of Quezon offers a very interesting and most vibrant and energetic nightlife. The various pubs, night clubs, bars and discos of the city will take you to the world of entertainment, rejuvenation and fun. It offers some of the most popular pubs that offer drinks, dance along with live music. A visit to pub is one of the best ways of making your tour to Philippines a memorable one. Here one can find a fabulous entertainment in form of jazz clubs, open theaters, casinos etc.

Being one of the most favored tourist destinations with a range of attractions, tourist from all over the world are getting attracted toward Philippines. To accommodate these tourists from all over the world, it offers a numerous hotels that range from luxury to mid-budget and budget hotels. The guest can choose a hotel of his choice and preference from the huge collection of hotels. These hotels are meant to provide convenient and comfortable stay. The Fernandina 88 Suites Hotel is considered as the best luxury hotels of city. It is located right in the heart of the city and in close proximity to nearby attractions such as Araneta Shopping Center, Cubao etc. This hotel is preferred by both business and luxury seeking travelers.

The city is easily accessible from any part of the country and from the major highways via transit systems. Another major means of transportation of are the Mass Rail Transit 3 and the Light Rail Transit systems. These transit systems connect the city of Makati with the southern part, Marikina to the east and with the influential Manila to the west.

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