Monday, February 29, 2016

Enjoy Mindanao Through Its Countless Beach Holidays By Clara C. Huntsman

Beach resorts are any country's pride, especially if these have the essential ingredients for a great vacation getaway. Famous beaches around the world certainly have the ever popular fine white sand, crystal clear waters, aquatic sports and other perks that make them the most sought after holiday destinations.
Here in the Philippines, you can find not only countless family beach vacation destinations, but also island vacation getaways. Each of these destinations will never fail to fascinate the adventurous travelers, as well as the solace seekers.

Each of the three largest islands that make up the Philippine archipelago has its own attractions - whether in the form of secluded resorts, nature paradise, white sand or black sand resort. Surely all of these factors will lure tourists from near and far.

Yes, the country is blessed with abundant beach holidays, perfect to spend a grandiose vacation or just simply a great hideaway to forget the stresses of modern day living. In this article, we take a closer look at the amazing beach paradise of Mindanao - the land of Promise.

The entire island itself is a vacation haven because anywhere you go, there is a number of holiday beaches. To the uninformed, Mindanao may project quite an intimidating facade, always in the news for armed hostilities, peace negotiations and other occurrences with negative connotation. But in all fairness, there's more to it than just what meets the eye.

In fact, only a select few provinces in the said region are embroiled in not so good incidents. Nevertheless, all other areas enjoy a pleasant atmosphere conducive for tourism, business, growth and development.
Truly, Mindanao still has the finest beaches that were never touched by commercialism. This destination actually has more to offer to travel enthusiasts compared to any other island in the country.

Check out these 3 fantastic spots below:
1. Sta. Cruz Island, Zamboanga City
You may have been to dozens of white sand beaches before, but this small Island in Sta Cruz, Zamboanga is one of its kind. What makes it so stunning is its pinkish fine sands that were colored by nature through a unique fusion of the red corals and natural white sand. With a sanctuary perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling, this place is the ultimate spot waiting to be discovered.

2. Dako Island, Siargao Island
The spellbinding beauty of Dako Island in Siargao is the key reason why it's visited by a number of nature-loving tourists. Said to be a close rival of Boracay Island, this place is undoubtedly the best when it comes to swimming, snorkeling and diving. Truly an idyllic haven waiting to be explored, Dako Island is the place to be for those who are looking for a heart pumping quest.

3. Camiguin, Northern Mindanao
Visitors who have been to Camiguin can unanimously say that this is a wondrous natural paradise. Touted to be an "island born of fire", because it is said to have grown out from a volcanic eruption years ago, Camiguin has numerous resources to boast.
Stretches of secluded fine sandy beaches line the still untouched long coastlines of Mindanao. Experience sun-filled relaxation and frolic with the gentle waves of the clear azure waters teeming with enchanting marine life and coral reefs.

When exhausted from the sun, sea and sand, you can trek the heights of volcanoes, explore trails, hot springs and caves. Or you can just feast your eyes on the grandeur of majestic falls.

All these never fail to drive holiday makers to Mindanao. Anywhere you go around the region, there's always one among the best beach holidays that will captivate your heart and mind. Indeed, Mindanao is a paradise that possesses an extraordinary charm and still continues to lure tourists not only as sightseeing attractions. These are the spots not yet overly crowded, not to mention having costs that you can easily afford.
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