Friday, February 26, 2016

Lasang Secret Adventure - The Must-Try Outdoor Destination in the Philippines By Juvelyn Galve

True, the Philippines is comprised of approximately seven thousand islands. And each island is as or more beautiful than the other. But when visiting the Philippines, there's a region you shouldn't miss or you will miss the most wonderful experience this country has to offer.

The Lasang Secret Adventure is located at Initao, Misamis Oriental in the island of Mindanao. The term "Lasang" means "jungle" in English, and true enough, the Lasang Secret Adventure offers you a jungle adventure you will never forget.
Situated between Cagayan de Oro City and Iligan City, the Lasang Secret Adventure is a new tourist destinations for both locals and foreigners. Lasang Secret Adventure will take you to the most unadulterated state of mother nature where everything is green, the trees standing proud and tall, monkeys hopping from one tree to the other and birds noisily chirping.

Here you will find a footbridge made of wood that can last up to 25years. From here you will already see the dews of the leaves up close and feel the gentle warmth of the sun seeping through. The boardwalk leads to a narrow spiral staircase 80 feet in height. With each step in the staircase takes you closer to the paradisaical heaven of nature. The higher you get, the more exciting and challenging it is.
So when you arrive at the topmost landing of the spiral staircase, you will then see the monkeys and birds doing their daily routines.

While you're on top of the spiral staircase, you will see around you huge trees centuries old connected by five hanging bridges one-foot in width. The hanging bridge is made of wood the same of the boardwalk, secured and double secured by harnesses, metal ropes and railings. While hopping from one bridge to the other, remember also to appreciate the surroundings made dominantly of green trees and the cool breeze blowing into your face.

Upon reaching the last bridge, the tour guide will now signal you to try their zipline. The zipline is 125meters long and it leads to the ground from where you've started. If you're not so keen of jumping down, you may take an exercising walk and go back from where you've started. Or you may take the zipline challenge, and with their sitting position, you may actually sight-see in a couple of seconds before you hit the ground.
The Lasang Secret Adventure will prove that there are fun ways in enjoying mother nature without abusing it. And the more you visit it, the better you will come to realize and appreciate that mother nature is our good friend when it comes to outdoor adventures.

Juvelyn Galve is a 22-year old segment producer in Philippines' number one broadcasting company. While off work, she enjoys the outdoors, extreme activities and visiting other tourist destinations. Her fears drive her to try new things and eventually get over them. She also loves to travel to places she never been to.
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