Thursday, February 25, 2016

Dipolog, an Enchanting Tourist Destination in Philippines - By David Urmann

Surrounded by rolling hills and the Sulu Sea, Dipolog is the 2nd class city of Philippines. It is world famous for its wild orchids and sardine industry. Besides, it is also famous for housing incredible tourist attractions which make this city one of the best tourist destinations of the country.
Also known as gateway to Western Mindanao, Dipolog can be easily reached by plane via Dipolog Airport or by ferry at the nearby Pulauan Port. This is indeed a great vacation spot that offers something for the people of all ages. The most popular tourist attraction of the city that will surely catch your attention is foreshore. Foreshore is largely known as intertidal zone. This area is open to the elements like air at low tide and underwater at high tide. This houses various habitats such as sandy beaches, vast mudflats and rocky cliffs etc. You will certainly find this city a paradise for leisure activities.

Beaches are also among the best attractions of the city. There are many beaches in Dipolog but the top five are - Dakak, Silinog Island, Aliguay, Sicayab Beach and Olingan Beach.
Dakak beach looks outstanding with its white sands. This beach is mainly known for its sightseeing spots like dive sites. This is the most famous site for diving, offering many different diving courses. The Dakak beach also offers number of fully equipped resorts and hotels in its vicinity, so that visitors need not trouble much for comfortable accommodation. The Silinog Island is the most charming beach surrounded by astounding white sand and crystal blue water of the sea. Here, you will get to see the real beauty of nature. After your visit to Silinog Island you can move on to visit Aliguay on the same day. This beach is very close to Silinog offering an opportunity to view masterwork of nature. Sicayab beach is also famous for its beauty. While Olingan Beach offers amazing sightseeing with excellent activities to enjoy like diving. The other major attractions that you can visit in the city are Japanese Memorial Park, The 3, 003 Steps to Linabo Peak, Cogon Eco-Park and Sungkilaw Falls etc.

After the entire sightseeing, the interesting activity that you can enjoy here is shopping. This city offers delightful shopping experience to its visitors. There are many big to small shopping areas, which sell various exciting items.
When it comes to lodging option in Dipolog, you need not bother much. There are many cheap to luxury hotels, inns and resorts spread in all over the city. Those with tight budget can refer to stay in one of the cheap hotels. Some of the best budget hotels of Dipolog include Top Plaza, La Siesta Inn and Dakak Park etc. These hotels are famous for offering excellent services and top class lodging at most affordable rates. While those want to spend lavishly to enrich their vacation can stay in a luxury hotel. Top Plaza Hotel is the only luxury hotel in Dipolog offering international standard services and accommodation with easy access to some of the local attractions of the city.
So, Make your vacation to this beautiful city of Philippines and enjoy the best that this has for you. Vacation to Dipolog would surely be extraordinary and would last in your memories for ever.

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