Monday, February 29, 2016

After Summer Boracay: An Avenue for Culture Immersion By Vincent Tabor

Several decades ago, Boracay was a small and peaceful island with no electricity and other technological advancements that it has today. The island's simple yet elegant beauty captured the heart of a German writer and he was inspired to write a book about the Philippines and the rest was history. Now, Boracay is known as the party island of the Philippines, a place of extravagance and elegance. During summertime, tourists from around the world travel hundreds of miles to experience one of the top travel destinations worldwide. However, after all the partying and the craziness, what is left in the island?

Beyond Sand, Sea and Sun
Beyond the breathtaking views of the paradise island Boracay, is the mystery of its natives - the Ati people. They are the first-ever witnesses to the beauty of Boracay and sadly their unique culture is mostly ignored by the tourists. They are overwhelmed with Boracay's mainstream: high-end bars, gourmet restaurants, classy spas and much more. The simple lifestyle of the natives was interrupted but it was also a wide opportunity for them to open businesses and work for restaurants or hotels. Aside from the original occupation of the natives, which is fishing, they also sell handmade arts and crafts as souvenirs and assist tourists during sightseeing.

The Boracay Culture
Thus, in your after summer bucket list, you may want to include visiting museums such as the Kar-tir Shell Museum which is situated in Ilig-Iligan Village. Enrich your knowledge on the culture of the Filipinos especially of the Ati people with unique artwork and traditional things that the natives used. Satisfy your love for culture in the Museum It Akean, this is the official town museum of Aklan. It also houses must-see historic memoirs and artifacts. This, of course, is not only for history buffs but for everybody.

Boracay After Summer
After summer, we only get a few vacations to spend with our family and friends. Why not make it memorable and culturally-interesting by including traditional museums and patronizing the native's handmade crafts and products? If you are a foreigner there is more to the Boracay than the amazing view, you can also learn more about the Filipinos in the island's museums. For Filipinos, visiting traditional places can awaken you culturally. After summer is the best time to relax without the big crowds at the same time it could also be your ticket to more knowledge about the rich culture of the island. Vacations are opportunities for a lot of exciting activities make it worth your while and also help the natives of the community.

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