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Cebu Tour Package: Discovering More Fun in the Philippines By Joe Cruze III

The Philippines is one of the most popular countries in Southeast Asia when it comes to hot tourist destinations. The country's topography is naturally endowed with various natural attractions located in different geographical regions of this archipelago that is composed of about 7,100 islands and islets. Cebu in its Visayas regions is one of the provinces in the country that boasts of attractions that is in demand for tour packages among travelers, both local and international. And rightly so, since the area's destinations include not only of natural wonders but places that have deep historical significance as well.
Listed below are some of the hottest itineraries that will make a Cebu tour package really worth your time, and will add more fun to your discovery of this unpretentious but beautiful and friendly Philippine province:

Fort San Pedro
Fort San Pedro is the oldest but the smallest tri-bastion Spanish outpost in the Philippines. With a total area of 2,025 square meters on the inside, this fort served as the center of the first Spanish settlement in the Philippines. It is built with walls that measures 20 feet high and 8 feet thick, and towers that rise up to 30 feet high beginning from the ground level. Commodore George Dewey turned over ownership of the fort to Cebu's locals after the Battle of Manila Bay. It was the used by the Americans as a Warwick Barracks during the American Regime and was also later used as classrooms where formal education were conducted for the benefit of Cebuanos.

Kawasan Falls
Located 130 kilometers southwest of Cebu City, Kawasan Falls in Badian consists of three waterfalls, all of which are from pristine spring waters. This natural wonder is accessible by a three-hours ride by bus. From the entrance, an uphill walk of about 1.5 kilometers is needed to get to the first waterfall, which is the largest and most crowded of the three waterfalls. Along the trek are several shops selling different sorts of accessories and souvenir items. To get to the second waterfall, another uphill trek of about fifteen minutes is needed. The same goes true for the third waterfall. Cottages are available for rent and can be had for an overnight stay. Rafts and life vest can also be had for a rental fee. Flashlights are recommended for Kawasan visitors as the pathway back is very dark after sunsets. Extra precaution, too, is needed when going down the slopes back from Kawasan.

Heritage of Cebu Monument
The Heritage of Cebu Monument is a relatively new landmark and icon of interest in Cebu, having been built in 1997 and completed in 2000. The monument is a work of fine tableau of sculptures of bronze, concrete, brass, and steel scenes interpreting events and structures that are associated with Cebu's history.

Cebu Cathedral & Cathedral Museum of Cebu
Cebu Cathedral traces its history back from 1598, the Cathedral Museum of Cebu, located next to the Cathedral, could have possibly been built during the 19th century. It houses different galleries, with a particular focus on the history of the growth of Catholic faith in the Philippines. The museum has been used as the first parish convent of the Cathedral, after which it became an infrastructure for a school of the University of San Carlos, and subsequently has been used as a cooperative store and a temporary chapel.
The attractions listed above are just some of Cebu tour package itineraries that will satisfy not only the travelers thirst for natural beauty but also his quest for connection with history. Thus said, a trip to Cebu is definitely one of those travels that can offer a particularly rich experience and memories.

Joe Cruze III works for Lokopoko Travel, a provider of top notch Cebu tour package and other exciting tour packages around Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.
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